Grid Tie Solar Systems

Solar and Inverter technology has developed to the point that it is practical to connect the energy from the sun to the utility grid.

We had been watching these technological advances and decided that these systems were ready for the market.

In June of 2000 we installed our first Grid Tie Solar System. This system not only fed solar energy into the Utility Grid but also provided emergency power during the frequent blackouts occurring in the foothills east of Fresno California.

The photo on the left is a demo system I installed on the new science building at the Holtville High School. This is a 2kW system with a single SunnyBoy 2500U (208v) inverter connected to the Imperial Irrigation District Grid.

This system is exceeding its design expectations and has been in operation since June 2003.


Our customers are happy, we are happy, so we are now selling custom designed Grid Tie systems and several pre designed systems.

The systems below are examples of Grid Tie Solar Systems we can sell and install.

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  Don't forget you may be eligible for cash incentives from the California Energy Commission if you are a California resident.

Other States may have programs to assist you in your installation as well.                 

You could be enjoying the benefits of a grid tie solar system. Give us a call. 760-791-5011.



Take a look at some of the Grid Tie Solar Systems installed by "The SunWorks"

This is a recently completed 28.3kW system installed for the Menifee Middle

School. 198 Sharp 175 watt solar modules feeding 6 SunnyBoy SMA US5000

inverters. It is exceeding its design specifications sometimes generating over 30kw.

We like to oversize our wire sizes and keep everything overdesigned resulting in

consistantly better performance and durability.

This is a RWE Schott 5kw Grid Tie System installed in the high desert of Souther CA. The customers enjoyed several months with zero electric consuption from the utility.

Here is an example of a 2.5kw Grid Tie System installed on a tile roof by "The Sun Works"

As you can see these solar systems can be installed in such a way that they are unobtrusive. This is a 3kw BP Solar Grid Tie solar system on a ranch outside of Brawley CA.

This photo is of a Xantrex GT-3 Grid Tie inverter installation.

This photo is of two Sunnyboy 2500U Grid Tie inverters installed for a 5kw solar electric system.


Here is a late afternoon photo of a 5kw Grid Tie solar aray installed by "The Sun Works"