The following are photos to share with friends and customers.

We installed 3 Kyocera KC120 solar panels on this trailer. They have ample power for there full time camping needs with 360 watt of power and over 21amp charging capabilities.

This is an installation with a Heart Interface 458 2012 inverter/charger installed in a bay of the above trailer installation. Note the AGM batteries mounted on their side to the right.

 This is a PHOTOWATT 2.89 amp,49 watt panel
This is a KC-120 7.1 amp,120 watt panel.  

Here We  have a Kyocera KC80 80 watt 4.7 amp 17 volt  panel.


This is a BP275 75 watt 4.5 amp  17 volt panel.

This is a Siemens SM55  55 watt  3.05 amp 17.4 volt solar panel.

This is a SEIMENS SM50H  50 watt 3.05 amp 16 volt panel. This is the one Camping World has sold in their stores for years. Only our price is about $100 less for a system.

Happy customer with his Kyocera KC-120 7.1 amp 120 watt panel mounted on his Class C motor home.

A mixed match of (from bottom to top)  Kyocera LA51 (6)  Solec 100 watt and 50 watt, Siemens and Arco SM 5's  and M55s on the roof of a GMC 40'  bus converted to a motor coach.  Approximate wattage  750 watt  solar array.

This is my display I set up at the Perris Farmers Fair Energy building September 2001. This gentleman made his own outfit spinning and weaving this traditional costume. I thought this was a good combination Scottish man with energy saving solar panels.

Another view of my Perris Farmers Fair display.

A picture of the reflection of the US flag  on the PWX 500 PHOTOWATT Panels that power a  36 volt  solar electric powered " Marketeer".  Note panels on trailers in the background. These solar panels are real popular here at  Slab City.

This crow decided to land on me and hang out for a while. The crow hung around  a couple of days, followed me on my morning walks, then went on his way.

This is a US64 Unisolar Panel  in front of our 1950 solar powered Marketer.

This is a TRACE  C40 DVM with Digital display for The C Series  Trace Charge Controllers  C35,C40, and C60 models.

Photo of C40 Charge controller. C60 looks the same the C35 looks the same except no heat sink on top (those fin like things on top).

OK this is a Solar Boost Charge Controller with MMPT technology these actually boost the amps you can get out of your photovoltaic  particularly when your batteries are low and on cold clear days when you have extra voltage.

A 12 amp ASC charge regulator.

A Specialty Concepts, Inc. Mark15/12 charge controller with digital amp,volt, amp set point  and LED  bar graph display. Another popular controller is the Mark 22/12 Looks the same but can handle 22 amp.

This is a photo of how the Flat/Tilt mount is attached to a solar module in the up or tilted position.