I will continue to add to this list as I find interesting sites.


Rahus Institute This is a non profit organization promoting solar energy. This site has links to great other Rahus projects like "The Solar Schoolhouse" website and "Solar E-clips" a great news site with updated solar info. I like these sites.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) This is a good web site sponsored by the US Department of Energy.  A lot of general and specific information on solar energy and its applications.

California Energy Commission. This is an informative site published by the State of California. Lots of consumer information.  This is a great site for getting unbiased information on all  sorts of energy related topics.

Shell Solar.  This site contains a good deal of information concerning Solar Panels and their applications. Of course they promote Siemens Solar Panels. Shell recently aquired Siemens Solar and added thier products experience and expertise to their exsting solar division. It looks like th oil companies are again hedgeing  their bets and getting back into alternative energy sources.

Solar Energy International.   This is an educational organization that provides training on site and over the internet.

Million Solar Roofs Program. US Department of Energy  program to promote residential and industrial solar utilization. Good information on solar and applications.

Interstate Renewable Energy Counsel.  The Interstate Renewable Energy Councils mission is to accelerate the sustainable utilization of renewable energy sources and technologies in and through state and local government and community activities. They sponsor a lot of programs promoting solar energy and have a great web site.

Solar Air Conditioning.  This site has information on a solar assisted air conditioning system. This is one of the first I have seen.

BP Solar. BP Solar is one of the leading photovoltaic manufacturers. In recent years they have aggressively marketed solar systems. They have been converting some of their service stations to solar power as community demonstration projects.

Arizona Solar Energy Association.  This site contains a lot of great information from an association in a state that has a lot of sun to collect.

Solar Strategies.  Here is some photographs of a solar house  built in Washington DC.

Green Energy Ohio.  This is a great site sponsored by Green Energy Ohio. Lots of good information and links to other sites.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association.The Midwest Renewable Energy Association is a nonprofit network for sharing ideas, resources, and information with individuals, businesses, and communities to promote a sustainable future through renewable energy and energy efficiency. Good web site. These  guys sponsor an energy fair around the summer solstice this is one of the best fair in the US.

New Mexico Solar Energy Association. This site is dedicated to promoting renewable energy. It is one of the best sites for that purpose arround. This link is to their Solar Primar page with a whole bunce of great information.

North Carolina Solar Energy Association.  More good info from NC's chapter or ASES.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. This is a great site. I found informatition on ellectric vehicles,solar secondary education programs and a lot more on this site.

Northern California Solar Energy Association. I keep looking up these ASES web sites and they just keep getting better this one is especially good with days and days of information.