Webmaster Log

This page is a log of web updates and activities.

10/22/08 Map out id pages and fixed link on Solar System page.

10/22/08 Update solar panel prices and panels, inserters Mennifee Middle School photo on Grid Tie Systems page.

9/9/06 Update solar panel prices. Add M55J sale on home page and solar panel page, update Slab City page, edit determine your needs page.

04/04/06 Update prices on Solar Modules and Inverter pages. Added Magnum Energy Inverters to Inverter page.

02/6/06 Remove Solar Potluck info on Home page.

01/17/06 Update solar panel price sheet and Solar potluck info on home page. I have updated this site since the last log entry without noting on this page. I will do better in the comming days.

9/30/04 Add description on Panels and Regulators web page and updated products prices and included contact numbers on these pages. Worked on images getting posted correctly with limited success.

9/29/04 Add description on each web page to identify on heading it's content. Included contact info on more pages. Deleted obsolete sm55 panels on RV page. Still having trouble with images not posting. will contact valueweb for help with image postings. probably something simple.

9/26/04, Add intro and mission paragraph to home page, Make more descriptive narrative in sizing. Changing images in sizing pages. Unsuccessful so far.

09/04/04 Change home page to reflect more of the products and services we offer. and products and services page also for the same. Also photo changes, content changes to update web pages contact us, solar panels, Inverters, voltage regulators, RV solar systems.

9/2/04 Resized images, added major to Grid Tie Page, Inverter page, Solar panel page, changed images to reflect what is going on on the pages. Lots of work yesterday and today.

6/17/04 Included info on Solar Schoolhouse program,replaced photo with a solar boat photo,resized photo on solar grid tie system page and added description of Holville High School grid tie system on grid tie page. Replaced photo on left with the Indio Solar Electric boat entry in the endurance heat.

5/26/04 Deleted solar pot luck info on home page. Added Rahus institute to the Links page.

01/21/04 Added solar potluck info on home page updated solar panel prices.

01/13/04 Worked with prices on Inverters and panels. Dreamweaver overview.

10/9/03 Got files from web site and downloaded into Dreamweaver made this comment for a test.

8/4/02 Checked and repaired Links
8/4/02 Worked on links news to home page.
7/28/02 Added Solar Systems page and Solar Grid Tie page under products and Services.
7/14/02 Added  Slab City USA page.
6/22/02 Changed price on SCI Mark 2/20 regulator. And info on trace C60 regulator. Reinstalled Trellix software to new computer in order to make above changes.
5/5/02  Added UPG 1300, US 65, Mark 3/15, C40, C30A,  Boost, and other photos to the photo's page.
4/26/02  Check and replaced link to clean power estimator on Determine Your Needs page. Updated solar panel prices and regulator prices.
3/19/02 Wrote and posted information on sizing batteries. Checked links on sizing page.
3/15/02 Wrote and posted information on sizing and choosing the right inverter on the Determine Your Needs page.
1/19/02  Added a photo page and some photo's (annotated).
12/14/01 Changed prices on panels and regulators.
10/10/01 Added six more links to the links page.
10/8/01 Added  Interstate Renewable Energy Counsel to links page.
9/28/01 Added links to: Trace Engineering controllers, Specialty Concept Controllers, and Unisolar Solar Panels. Pasted J. Kathleen's Sun Oven Recipes on the Sun Oven product page.
9/25/01 Added new "Links" page and included several links on the links page and on the "Determine Your Needs" page.
9/17/01 Added  Solar Fountains page under the Products and Services Page.
9/13/01 Added about us page and transferred text from Home Page to it. Changed text in Contact Us  page.
9/12/01 Added link to Heart Interface on inverter page. Added Constant Contact Links to all the web pages. Checked  out links inverter, regulator and solar panel links don't work after publication. Republished and now they check out.
9/10/01  Began this Webmaster log page. Check links on Web Site. Check number or hits on stats page  909 in September. Added links to Inverters page Trace RV series, SW  series and Advanced energy inverters.
9/03/01 Added constant contact Emil logo on contact us page.
8/15/01  Transfer web hosting from" world wide web institute" to "value web"
and constructed a web site using Trellix Web software and templates.
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